Management offer

Our investment strategies revolve around four offers:

ACCESS RICHELIEU : an allocation mainly made up of UCIs of the Richelieu Group, supplemented by Trackers / ETFs, as part of our "ESG impulse" approach (1).

PREMIUM RICHELIEU : a concentrate of all our expertise in terms of allocation and choice of support based on different risk profiles (starting 500 000 euros).

PREMIUM RICHELIEU ESG : a responsible approach to investment that integrates environmental, social and governance criteria and that combines convictions and seeks performance while protecting against extra-financial risks (starting 500 000 euros).

RICHELIEU DEDICATED : bespoke management in order to meet the main expectations of the most demanding clients (starting 1 million euros).

(1) Richelieu Gestion's "ESG Impulse" approach is characterized by an ESG indicator, percentage of the mandate in UCIs or Trackers / ETFs integrating ESG criteria into their investment process. This indicator is not fixed and is intended to rise over time.