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Richelieu Gestion

Portfolio management company (governed by the UCITS Directive 2009/65/EC)
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 89 00 00
AMF approval: GP 97036
Headquarters: 1-3-5, rue Paul Cézanne 75008 Paris
French public limited company (société anonyme) with capital of 5 900 000 euros
Registered in the PARIS Trade and Companies’ Register under B 317 517 191
APE code: 6630Z Gestion de fonds
Intra-Community VAT number: FR42 317 517 19

The Publishing Director is Christophe Boulanger, Chief Executive Officer.

The editor–in-chief is Mrs Claire LUZINIER in her capacity as Communication Director.

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Richelieu Gestion est filiale de la Compagnie Financière Richelieu.

The website is hosted by LD Services. Richelieu Gestion is a subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Richelieu.

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This website aims to provide Internet users with information regarding the products and services offered by Richelieu Gestion.

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Richelieu Gestion reserves the right to correct the content of this website at any time and without prior notice.

Richelieu Gestion rejects any liability in the event of delay, error or neglect in connection with the content of these pages or in the event of the interruption or non-availability of the service.

Although the information published on the website is provided in good faith and/or obtained from reliable sources, Richelieu Gestion does not guarantee its accuracy, completeness, relevance or reliability on account of, in particular, the time frames for updating, processing and monitoring such information. The information may be modified at any time without prior notice. The user is responsible for checking the accuracy of this information and using it with a critical mind. Accordingly, Richelieu Gestion may not be held liable for any decision taken on the basis of the information on this website, or for any use which may be made thereof by third parties.

Richelieu Gestion provides information (financial data or information) on its website for which the dissemination rights have been granted by datafeed suppliers. This information is protected by copyright. It is expressly prohibited to modify, publish, redistribute or reproduce such information for the purpose of sharing it with a third party. The user shall be held liable for any unauthorised reproduction or use of the information.

Richelieu Gestion and the datafeed suppliers strive to ensure the information is accurate and up to date, but in no way guarantee the correctness, quality, availability, completeness or timeliness of said information.


Users must pay special attention to the following points of caution :

Past performance of the products and services presented on the website is no guarantee of future performance. Performance may vary over time.

As financial markets are subject to fluctuations, it is always recommended to distribute your assets, depending on your profile, among several classes of financial assets (equities or equity UCITS funds, bonds or bond UCITS funds, money market UCITS funds, etc.). An investor favouring a single class of financial assets (e.g. equities) should, on the one hand, select several financial instruments belonging to the same class of assets (several equities in this case) and, on the other hand, determine maximum limits in terms of loss for each financial instrument. Bearing this in mind, using a UCITS to invest in an asset class enables true pooling of risk. Moreover, an investment in equities or in an equity UCITS should be made in the long term.

Intellectual property

Richelieu Gestion is the owner or holder of the rights to all the elements which make up this website, in particular the data, drawings, graphics, images, text, photos and documents, as well as the databases and software.

Any full or partial reproduction, representation, distribution or redistribution of the contents of this website by any process whatsoever without the prior express consent of Richelieu Gestion is therefore strictly forbidden and would constitute an infringement sanctioned by Articles L 335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

The name Richelieu Gestion, its logo and the names of its mutual funds are filed brand names belonging to Compagnie Financière Richelieu. You may not reproduce, delete, reuse or change the distinctive signs featured on the pages of this website in any way whatsoever.

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Richelieu Gestion shall not be held liable for a website not published by Richelieu Gestion (hereinafter referred to as the “third-party website(s)”) to which the user may have access via this website; Richelieu Gestion has no way of controlling the content of these third-party websites. On no account shall Richelieu Gestion be held liable for the non-availability of third-party websites, their content, advertising or other available elements. On no account shall Richelieu Gestion be held liable for hyperlinks towards this website, it being specified that any link towards this website is subject to the prior written consent of Richelieu Gestion. The user is responsible for taking all necessary precautions and checking that the third-party website he or she chooses does not contain any viruses or other destructive elements.


This website is governed by French law and any disputes shall be referred to the courts within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal.

Personal data protection

Link to the Richelieu Gestion personal data protection charter.

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