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High-conviction management : “Special Situations”

Created in May 2000, Richelieu Pragma Europe was one of the first funds on the market to use an active management method combining the theme of “value” with that of financial transactions. The portfolio, focused since 1 February 2010 on European Union equities, is now open to all “special situations” in Europe, based on five themes: takeover bid targets, valuation anomalies, cyclical downturns, strategic restructuring and balance sheet optimisation, with stock market prices not (or not adequately) integrating these opportunities. Always based on independent stock picking from the main equity indices, this high-conviction fund is managed by David Autin and Alexandre Hezez.


Alexandre HEZEZ

Equity management


Performance at 21/10/2021 (Share class R)

Performance since inception * (see chart)
Richelieu Pragma Europe +166.43 %
Euro Stoxx NR ® ** +21.39 %

Annualised performance since inception *
Richelieu Pragma Europe + 4.67 %
Euro Stoxx NR ® ** + 0.91 %

* date of the fund's inception

** Until 31 January 2010, the reference benchmark was the CAC 40. It was then replaced by the Stoxx Europe 50 index. The reference benchmark was calculated with dividends not reinvested until 31 December 2012. Since 1 January 2013, it has been calculated with net dividends reinvested. Since 06/07/2019, the index has been replaced by Euro Stoxx NR (net dividends reinvested)

The figures indicated refer to past years. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Sources: internal and Europerformance.

Key figures at 21/10/2021 (Share class R)

Richelieu Pragma Europe Euro Stoxx NR ®
Net asset value 266.43 € 121.39
2021 performance +11.49 % +18.93 %
One-year performance +20.08 % +33.35 %
Five-year performance +41.70 % +57.65 %
Total net assets 108 M€ -
Volatility / 1 year -
Volatility / 5 years -


AMF classification: European Union country equities (since 1 February 2010).
PEA : Yes
ISIN code: FR0007045737
Inception date* : 12 may 2000
Reference benchmark: EURO STOXX NR ®
Recommended investment horizon: > 5 years

* The inception date corresponds to the first available NAV

Risk and return profile

The historical data used to calculate this benchmark may not be a reliable indicator of the UCITS’ future risk profile. The risk category associated with this UCITS is not guaranteed and may change over time. The weakest category does not mean a “risk-free” investment. The UCITS’ capital is not guaranteed.

Low risk,
potentially lower

High risk,
potentially higher


The above benchmark reflects the UCITS’ volatility over five years based on its main exposure to European Union equity markets. It is calculated based on the UCITS’ historical returns and, in the event of insufficient historical data, based on the returns of its reference benchmark.
Major risks that have not been sufficiently taken into account by the benchmark: None


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