Yield and growth


A core US equity investment for diversified portfolios

Richelieu America ESG
 is a US equity fund which associates two complimentary strategies :

- The core strategy is based on a dividend approach. This portfolio managers seek companies that have shown their capacity to pay regular dividends over long periods with an emphasis on those companies that have increased the dividend every year over that same reference period.
- The satellite strategy is growth based. The portfolio managers seek to identify companies that are at the heart of structural megatrends that have irreversible consequences in the world we live in (Digitalization, Environment, Health, Urbanization, Technological innovations, Consumption habits...).

Richelieu America ESG is co-managed by an experienced North America portfolio manager, Eric Lafrenière and Richelieu Group CIO responsible for Asset Allocation, Alexandre Hezez.


Alexandre HEZEZ

Equity Management


Performance at 18/01/2022 (Share class R)

The Richelieu America ESG fund having being launched on December 12th 2019, we will only be available to communicate performance data once the fund has 1 year of track record.
Performance since inception * (see chart)
Richelieu America ESG +64.45 %
Reference benchmark ** +42.70 %

Annualised performance since inception *
Richelieu America ESG + 26.99 %
Reference benchmark ** + 18.62 %

* The figures indicated refer to past years. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Sources: internal and Europerformance.

** The reference indicator was, until 31/12/2021, the STOXX USA 500 NR. It has been replaced since this date by the Bloomberg United States Large & Mid Cap NR Index (dividends reinvested USN Index)

Key figures at 18/01/2022 (Share class R)

Richelieu America ESG Reference benchmark
Net asset value 164.45 € 142.70
2022 performance +1.41 % -4.39 %
One-year performance +Infinity % -50.26 %
Total net assets 105 M$ -
Volatility / 1 year NC -
Volatility / 5 years NC -

(*calculated with net dividends reinvested)


AMF classification: International equities. The FCP is permanently exposed to at least 60% of its net assets to the North American equity markets.
ISIN code: FR0013456845 (Part R EUR)
Inception date* : December 10th, 2019
Reference benchmark: Bloomberg United States Large & Mid Cap NR Index (dividends reinvested USN Index) *
Recommended investment horizon: > 5 years.

* The inception date corresponds to the first available NAV

Risk and return profile

The historical data used to calculate this benchmark may not be a reliable indicator of the UCITS’ future risk profile. The risk category associated with this UCITS is not guaranteed and may change over time. The weakest category does not mean a “risk-free” investment. The UCITS’ capital is not guaranteed.

Low risk,
potentially lower

High risk,
potentially higher


The above benchmark reflects the UCITS’ volatility over five years based on its main exposure to euro-denominated bonds and debt securities. It is calculated based on the fund’s historical returns and, in the event of insufficient historical data, based on the returns of its benchmark.

Major risks for the UCITS that have not been sufficiently taken into account by the benchmark are:

- Credit risk: This concerns, for marketable bonds and debt securities, as well as money market instruments, the risk of a sudden deterioration in the creditworthiness of an issuer or that of its default. This risk is more significant for speculative, high-yield securities.

- Impact of financial techniques: The use of derivative financial instruments may lead to increased market movements within the UCITS, thereby leading to more significant changes in net asset value (whether upwards or downwards).


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